Thursday, August 24, 2006

Photo exhibition on Fidel Castro inaugurated

MORE than 100 people attended the August 21 opening of a photographic exhibition on revealing moments in the life of President Fidel Castro at the International Press Center in Havana. Canto a la Vida (Song to Life) — the exhibition’s title — "impacts the inner world of our feelings because of the stamp left on us by the ideas and struggle initiated and led by an exceptional human being," said Tubal Páez, president of the Cuban Journalists Union, in remarks at the opening.
"In observing them (the photos), we realize how much there is of Fidel Castro in us and how much in the nation’s soul, how much of his character, his methods, his style, his way of acting and reacting," Páez added.
He also noted that this is the most photographed Revolution, and will continue to be so because there will always be Revolution and there will always be photography, he affirmed.
Comprised of more than 80 images by 50 Cuban and foreign artists, Canto a la vida offers a panorama of the life of the Cuban Revolution’s leader, who celebrated his 80th birthday on August 13.
Photographers featured in the exhibition include the renowned Alberto Korda, who made the photo of Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara that has circled the globe.
Photographers from other countries include Andrew St. George, Burt Glinn and Robert Taber (United States), Cándido Mayo (Spain-Mexico), Enrique Meneses and R. del Valle-Rico (Spain), Ernesto Bazán (Italy), Félix Cordero (Puerto Rico) and Sven Creusmann (Germany).
The International Press Center, José Martí International Journalism Institute, Fototeca de Cuba and the Ministry of Culture’s Center for Cultural Development and Communication, among other institutions, are promoting the exhibition. (PL)


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