Thursday, August 31, 2006

Venezuelan and Syrian Presidents Reject US Hegemony

30 August, 2006

DAMASCUS, August 29.— Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Tuesday in Damascus that the governments of Venezuela and Syria are firmly united against the aggressions and hegemonic intentions of the US empire.
"We are here to work, to reach an agreement, to sign a number of accords, and to commit ourselves to open new channels of integration between Caracas and Damascus," said Chavez shortly after his arrival in the Syrian capital for a two day visit, reported the Venezuelan national broadcaster Venezolana de Television.
"Venezuela and Syria are two courageous nations; we are not afraid of saying things," commented Chavez.
"Today begins a new stage in this history," added Chavez, who on Tuesday completed an official visit to Malaysia as part of a tour that included China and will also take him to Angola.
Syrian President Bashar Al Assad expressed his satisfaction in receiving "a great leader on an international scale."
"Before the president’s arrival, we were listening to his strong position in support of our causes and his sincere feelings towards the rights of peoples who have their territories occupied," said Al Assad accompanied by Chavez.
"We share many common positions because our stance on international causes is parallel to that of Venezuela: rejecting international hegemony, rejecting the unilateral power of the United States," he said.
"What we want during this visit is to convert these prospects into effective work and coordinate high level policies," added Al Assad.


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